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How To Get CDL Grants For Felons – 5 Easy ways

How To Get CDL Grants For Felons - 5 Easy ways

In this article, we will be sharing with you all How To Get CDL Grants For Felons in 5 Easy ways. You can now apply for CDL Grants for Felons. The Charity and Government CDL Training for Felon grants can help felons live a stable life.

 Get CDL Grants For Felons

Felons are the people who have committed some kind of felony in the past, but now they are clean after serving their sentences. The CDL Grants for felons are grants that can help them restart their life without letting the sins of the past any effect on their professional lives.

Life can be tough for those who have been sentenced before for committing some sins. It becomes difficult for other people to trust such felons as they might do it again. And hence, even if there are felons who have now come clean, they find it much difficult to restart their life.

But thankfully, there are various government and non-government programs for felons that include CDL Grants for felons, CDL Training for Felons programs, and so on. Felons can also apply for truck driving schools for felons and get their truck drivers license to help earn and live a stable life.

That is just not it. There are many other organizations and charities apart from the government that can help felons with many such grants to restart their lives. Keep reading further to know more.

What are CDL Grants for Felons?

CDL Grants for Felons are Commercial Driving License Grants for free. These grants are offered by the Department of Labor, Employment, and Training Administration. The department offers these grants to those in need each year. They are meant for Felons or ex-felons mainly.

CDL grants for all are open to apply to whoever needs them to support themselves live a fundamental lifestyle. CDL Grants for felons provide financial assistance for felons who have or do not have good credit. Apart from the Government, many Non-profit organizations offer CDL Grants.

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How To Get CDL Grants For Felons – 5 Easy ways

cdl grants for felons
CDL grants for felons

Here are 5 easy ways To Get CDL Grants For Felons –


Grants.gov is an online platform that gives all the necessary information about various grants and programs for different sections of society. This website is run by the government itself, so you will find the most authentic and all information here.

Along with the grants for felons, you can also check for other grants that you can apply for. The website includes the deadlines, eligibility criteria, required documents, and a lot more information. You can also find grants for free clothes, food, education grants and more here.


GoFundMe is a website that can help you advertise yourself and your idea and ask people to fund your cause. It is basically a financial website that helps felons with grants by finding the grants and investment on their own. Many people have raised over $3 million through this website.

The website is used by many people to raise funds to solve problems with education, medical expenditure, training sessions, and so on. So, anyone can make use of this website to raise funds for themselves.

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Inmates to Entrepreneurs

As the name of this organization says, this Non-Profit Organization helps inmates and felons in starting a new life by providing them financial assistance for business. Inmates to Entrepreneurs is a group that works along with Sageworks to give ex-felons the life they deserve as a citizen of the society.

With the financial support, these organizations also help felons with business knowledge and how to run a business. Such knowledge is passed on using videos and other means of education. One can also visit their local chapter if you live nearby and know more about their programs for felons.

State Government and Local Agencies

When the federal government grants are not available or if you did not qualify for them, then the State Government and Local agencies are the bodies that can help you. Each year a certain amount is given by the Federal Government to the State government for grants to help people in need.

You can apply to the State government for CDL Grants for felons. Once you deem fit for the eligibility criteria, you can get the grants money. Various Local Agencies work in collaboration with Non-profit Organizations to provide CDL Grants for Felons.

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IndieGoGo is a crowdfunding website slightly similar to GoFundme. Here, people can raise money for CDL Training for felons and ex-felons. For the people who are found eligible, the website offers professional help. However, you need to have a strong and firm motive to make an impression on the panelists.

Truck Driving School for Felons

Truck Driving School

It can be really tough for felons to get back on their feet as people tend not to trust them because of the past sins they committed. Hopefully, government organizations and charities come forward to help felons with financial assistance and other grants life CDL. There are also many truck driving schools for felons that help them learn driving and get a license.


TruckSchoolsUSA.com is an online web portal that provides CDL Training for felons. Truck Schools USA offers truck driving schools grants for felons. If the financial situations of any felons are coming in their way of doing something to better their life, then this organization can help you with driving school grants for felons.

This organization offers all the needed information about truck driving schools, driving license tests, CDL Grants for felons, and so on.

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Dootson School of Trucking

Dootson School of Trucking is an educational organization from where anyone can get specialization in the field of trucking and business knowledge. The school has been training and educating felons for over 60 years now. They also help felons to gain employment after learning truck driving.

Lincoln Land Community College

Lincoln Land Community College is one of the most famous and best truck driving schools for felons. The college aims to provide both theoretical and practical training to their students. This community college is well known for their inclusion irrespective of the past of the applicant.

If an applicant is able to convince the college then they could also get truck driving school grants for felons. However, for this, you will require to have a valid and strong reason. If the jury is convinced, you can easily get to learn truck driving for free.

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What after Truck Driving School?

If you are wondering what after you complete your truck driving school and get a truck driving license, then there are multiple opportunities for you. There are various companies that hire felons as drivers. Tango Transport, Stevens Transport, Melton Truck Lines, PGT Trucking, Knight Transportation, Falcon Transport are some of the truck driving companies that hire felons as truck drivers.

Roehl Transport is a trucking company that offers both – CDL Training for felons as well as employment opportunities. You can contact these companies to get a truck driving job for felons.

Concluding Words

We understand that life after a felony can not be easier, and there are many obstacles a felon has to face. But nothing should stop a person willing to live a good life from doing so. The above-mentioned organizations do the most of their capability to help felons with financial assistance and grants for driving schools.

Those were all the CDL grants for felons we knew about. I hope the above article was useful. In case you know of any more grants for felons, then feel free to drop them in the comment section below. Your one comment can be very helpful to many!

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