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No Credit Check Apartments: How to Get Apartment with No Credit

Are you looking for an apartment to stay in temporarily? If you’re in search of renting a no credit check apartment, forget your credit score and move on to know how to get an apartment with no credit.

Finding an apartment is one of the primary challenges for any person who moves to a new location. Be it going through thousands of listings on property listing sites or be it finding the right broker who can assist you in finding your dream apartment; it takes a considerable amount of time and resources to find a better one.

And for securing things in everyday life, credit history plays a key role and is the primary option for many landlords for approving rental applications. It’s like proof showing that you’re a good fit for their apartment.

And depending on the situation, many think that a decent credit score is enough to justify financial health. But, here’s the catch is, many things can artificially lower the credit score even when you are doing everything right.

However, if everything goes well you will be able to find the apartment of your choice else you end up staying in an Airbnb property, which will be expensive if you prefer to stay for a longer duration.

But, what if things become even worse if you lack a proper credit score?

Wait what?

Do You Need Credit To Rent an Apartment?

Do You Need Credit To Rent an Apartment?

The short answer to this question is Yes, you need a credit score to rent an apartment.

Getting into the quick brief..!

In a world where fintech is heading towards a global revolution, it is easy to track every transaction that an individual is doing on a day-to-day basis.

All these transactions when tied together will become a powerful tool to identify an individual’s spend patterns and income capabilities.

A credit score is one such powerful tool used by banks to depict an individual’s creditworthiness. It is a number between 300 to 850 and the higher the better it is.

Banks use this credit score to determine if you will default on your debt obligations, or how worthy you are to receive new credit.

Your creditworthiness is what creditors look at before they approve any new credit to you.

In addition to banks, one other industry that heavily relies on credit scores is the real estate and rental industry.

In general, to either buy an apartment or rent an apartment the applicant is required to have a credit score of at least 650.

Having a credit score of 650 and above will ease your efforts to search for an apartment while anything less will be a bit troublesome for you.

This is a problem is usually prevalent in students with no credit history and people with either low credit history or no credit or citizens who are victims of identity theft or bad credit history due to issues with bank loan repayments.

Will this be the end to finding a good apartment for people with low credit history.

Absolutely no!

It is still possible to find apartments even with low credit history.

No credit check apartments are at a rescue for these people who need apartments with low credit history.

No credit check apartments allow people who are looking for rent and in this detailed article, we will address everything you should know about no credit check apartments.

The detailed guide will walk you through the ways to find no credit check apartments, the requirements for getting into a no credit check apartment, and all processes that you need to follow to easily close the deal with a no credit check apartment landlord.

Also as a bonus, we will also share some tips that you can follow to improve your credit score so that in future you don’t have to look for a no credit check apartment and easily find an apartment of your choice by improving your credit history.

Let’s take a deep dive into no credit check apartments.

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What is no credit check apartments?

What are no credit check apartments

No credit check apartments are apartments or rental units that don’t require any credit history to rent an apartment to applicants who are looking to rent an apartment.

Usually, landlords perform credit checks to make sure the tenants are capable of making timely rent payments without any issues. Traditionally this has been part of the tenant screening process.

But theoretically, any apartment could be a no credit check apartment, except the luxury and upscale apartments which usually are rented out to tenants with good credit history.

Apart from this, the other side of these no credit check apartments is that some landlords chose to skip the credit check because they are desperately looking for tenants to fill space.

At times, no credit check apartments may be undesirable, your landlord may be unprofessional, or you may be the victim of a scam.

Why do landlords perform credit checks?

Why do landlords perform credit checks

If you ever had faced this situation of not being able to find apartments due to poor credit history, you would have definitely thought, ‘why would landlords worry about credit history or why do they even have to do a credit check?’

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As mentioned previously the primary purpose behind the scrutiny of a tenant’s credit history by landlords is to determine whether the applicant is good enough to pay the rent on time as delay in collecting the rent is a concern for the landlord and no landlord wishes to get into such trouble.

Hence landlords rely on these credit checks to filter tenants with good history so that they don’t have to deal with any concerns in future.

It is based on the logic that a credit score is a reflection of an Individual’s ability to pay off debts on time. If a tenant has a proven history of not paying debts on time then the individual is more likely unable to pay rent on time.

Do note that credit checks will never reveal your personal financial information like your salary or balance left in your bank or your transaction. It is merely a number that is a reflection of your debts and repayments of debts in a timely manner.

Now that you are aware of why a credit check is needed to find an apartment, now let’s get to the good part of finding a no credit check apartment.

How to Get a no credit check Apartment With Low Credit?

How to Get a no credit check Apartment with Low Credit

A credit score of 650 and above is a strong indicator of your ability to manage debt and finances and the likelihood of finding a good apartment with this score will always be high for prospective tenants.

Anything lower than 650 or no credit score, then the likelihood of finding your dream apartment will be decreased.

Is this the end of the world for individuals with less or no credit score?

Absolutely not!

You can be confident of finding an apartment even with a low credit score, as many apartment owners won’t discount a tenant solely because of the results of their credit check.

It definitely takes some time to convince the landlord that you are a good tenant and that extra effort will help you in cracking a good deal with the landlord or in best case a good apartment with some extra rent than usual.

Although there are some risks in applying for a no credit check apartment, it is worth giving a try as often some landlords eagerly look for tenants to fill their spaces with tenants, one such good opportunity can help you establish a good connection with the landlord and if you can manage paying rent on time to the landlord, then probably you wouldn’t ever need to go through a credit check as long as you stay there.

Here are some valuable tips to help you land a great apartment with low or no credit.

1. Find a CoSigner

The easiest way to find a no credit check apartment is to find a CoSigner for you who has a good credit history.

A CoSigner is someone who volunteers to take the responsibility of paying the rent on your behalf if you can’t pay. A CoSigner acts as a guarantee for you.

Having a CoSigner with good credit history is the easiest and best assurance to the landlord to rent an apartment to you with no credit check.

This is very useful to students who don’t have any credit history. Students can make their guardian or parents as CoSigner and it will solve the issue easily.

Landlords often look up for Cosigners with consistent income and higher income with very good credit history than a traditional renter.

2. Show Proof of Income

If you have a stable income source and just lack a proper credit history, it will be easy for you to get an apartment without a credit history.

Showing proof of a stable income source can convince landlords to rent the apartment to you as it can convince them to believe that you will be able to pay rent on time.

Also if you are filing any income taxes you can show your tax filings and it can convince the landlord.

Apart from tax filings, you can also show bank statements, pay stubs, etc to demonstrate your financial ability to pay rent.

All these statements can act as proof of income and can make things easy for you to get a no credit check apartment.

3. Using references from previous landlords

If you are good at building relationships with people around you, then this option can be at your rescue.

If you had paid rent on time and left the previous landlord on good terms, then probably, the landlord might help you in finding a no credit check apartment.

Apart from this if you had receipts of rent payments made to the previous landlord you can always use them to highlight as a piece of evidence of timely rent payments.

4. Renting with roommates that have good credit scores

This will be your last option in find a no credit check apartment.

Renting an apartment with your friends is the easiest and most cost-effective way to get an apartment. As your friend who has a good credit history, might already have an apartment and you can share the apartment and rent.

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This way you and your friend both can save some money on rent by splitting it between you.

With this option, indirectly your friend acts as a CoSigner as he was the one who got the apartment for rent from the landlord.

But this comes at the cost of your comfort as you don’t have the privacy and freedom while staying with someone.

These are some of the ways to get an apartment with no or proper credit history. It is always a good idea to prefer a credit check apartment rather than a no credit check apartment to avoid any issues in the future.

Below we have mentioned some easy techniques that can help you build your credit score so that you don’t have to look for a no credit check apartment in future.

Some of the above-mentioned ways can become extremely helpful when you are able to find apartments for rent by an owner with no credit check.

How to Find a For Rent By Owner No Credit Apartment?

To get no credit check apartments this way first find out Apartments that available for rent by the owner

Usually, these apartments are located in single or multi-family homes and usually aren’t that difficult to search for. You can scrutinize your neighborhood or neighboring neighborhoods.

Some common places to find such apartments are Telegram groups, Facebook groups, and marketplaces. If you find good apartments after searching, meet the owners and talk to them and see if any of the above-mentioned ways can convince them to rent the apartment to you without a credit check.

Techniques to improve credit score

Techniques to improve credit score

It is easy to improve your credit score within a year by following some techniques. This will boost your chances of finding an apartment next time. Improving the credit score to 650 or in fact 700 can be done in a year whereas beyond that you need to follow a proper financial discipline.

Here are some easy techniques that help you to boost your credit score in a short time

1. Become an Authorized user:

This is one of the most popular ways to improve your credit score. One can improve credit score by becoming an authorized user of others credit cards with good credit scores.

If you have someone very close or a relative you can ask them to add you as an authorised user on their credit card account. Getting added as an authorised user on someone’s credit card account with high spend limits and good credit history will give a substantial boost to your credit score.

By adding you as an authorized user the other person doesn’t have to share all their financial statements, so there is no risk of exposure to financial matters.

In Fact, it is always advised that youngsters must get added as authorized users to their parents’ credit as by the time they turn 18 they will have a good credit score which can help them in many ways.

2. Pay off your debts:

Paying debt on time is one of the important factors that contribute to maintaining a good credit score. Bad loans and bad debts can affect your credit score a lot. If you have any such loans pay them off and if you have any existing it is advised to pay them on time or before. Also, make sure you don’t use more than 30% of your credit line. Paying down your debts and you will reduce the usage of your credit line.

3. Get a higher credit Line:

One way to decrease your usage of a credit line is by increasing your credit line. Let’s say if you wish to keep your credit line usage at 25% and spend $750 every month, then you can ask for a credit line of $3000 this way you can reduce your credit use percentage and this will boost your credit score a lot.

Get a secured credit card: secured credit cards are cards that offer credit cards by taking some amount as a fixed deposit. This deposit acts as a guarantee and helps you get a credit card. Basically, it is your money that banks keep disposing of every month and this is a great and easy way to get a credit card and build a credit score.

If you attain a good credit score, In future you withdraw your cash deposit and acquire an unsecured traditional credit card.

4. Analyse your credit report:

A credit score is impacted by a lot of factors. So it’s better to take a look at your credit report and fix any issues that are in your credit report. Some common issues are related to your identity and personal information. Having improper identity information can dip your credit score. If you find any such issues, work with your bank’s relationship manager and get them fixed immediately.

5. Securing a loan:

If you can manage to pay a loan with a stable income source, then it is recommended to make purchases and pay them in installments. This way you can increase your credit score as mixing up the type of credit will help you boost your score. Some banks offer zero interest installments and you can take advantage of these offers to secure credit and pay off them on time. This way you can save some money on interest.

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Whenever possible instead of paying in full look out for options of paying in installments with zero interest as it will improve your score at no extra cost.

These are some of the easy tips and techniques that can help you get a good credit score.

1. What are no credit check apartments?

No credit check apartments are apartments or rental units that don’t require any credit history for the applicant. These apartments can be rented out by any irrespective of credit score. For no credit check apartments neither the landlord nor the property manager considers your credit score.

2. How to get an apartment with a low credit score?

The following tips can get you an apartment with no or low credit scores.

  • Find a guarantor who can sign for you on your behalf.
  • Show Proof of stable income
  • Have a word with your landlord or manager about your credit score and convince them on how you can pay rent regularly on time.
  • Find for rent by owner apartments.

3. How To Improve Your Credit Score

  • Get yourself added as an authorized user for your guardian’s credit card who has a good credit score.
  • Increase your credit limit
  • Take zero-interest loans and pay them on time
  • Take time to build your credit score.
  • Limit hard credit inquiries.
  • Clear bad loans

4. How to find a no credit check apartment?

Find apartments that are available for rent by the owner and reach out to them and discuss things with them. Keep an eye on social media Groups to find apartments available for rent by the owner.

We are sharing some popular Facebook groups for your reference:

{Share FB groups related to renting}

5. Is it possible to Rent An Apartment With No Credit Score?

Yes, it is possible to rent an apartment with no credit score. However, you will have to go through some difficulties and you may not always end up finding the best properties.

6. Is credit history important to get an apartment?

Not all the time. Credit history is important for renting an apartment. Because it is the key thing considered by many landlords at the time of verification. And based on your credit history, they decide whether it is safe to rent the apartment or not.

7. How to easily improve credit history?

A few ways that help you improve your credit history are

  • Become an authorized user by asking your friends or relatives to add you as an authorized user on their credit card account
  • Payoff all your debts on time or before. Because bad loans and bad debts can affect your credit score
  • Get a higher credit line by asking for more not based on your expenses
  • Analyze your credit card report from time to time and get a secured credit card.

8. How do landlords approve rental applications?

Most of the landlords who provide rental apartments approve customers based on their credit history. If the score is good with no pending bills, they will be offered an apartment for rent.


It is always possible to Rent an apartment with low or no credit, but it is always advisable to build your credit score. Because credit history plays a key role and is the primary option for many landlords for approving rental applications.

You don’t have to take a risk with no credit check apartments. Financial discipline is needed to grow your credit and worth.

This way you can land in your dream apartment any day in any city

For any assistance regarding no credit apartment, reach us through the comment section below.

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