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How to Get Free Scholarships for Blue Eyes People

How to Get Free Scholarships for Blue Eyes People

For all those people who are not cognizant of this yes you read it right. Not just for your knowledge and wisdom you are now dressing scholarships even for your special physical features. There are a lot of scholarships available for people with blue eyes. Also note that there are scholarships for people with green eyes, hazel eyes, blonde hair, red hair, and many such scholarships.

The U.S has always been ahead of other countries in such areas as the scholarships for people who stand out of the rest, even in the physical appearances as well.  The U.S acknowledges the special traits that a person possesses. For example Tall’s Club for people who have a great height. In a similar way, there are scholarships for blue eye scholarships.

Scholarships For Blue Eyes, Really Available?

Though how unpractical it sounds there are really such scholarship programs available out there for blue eyes people. As also education has become costly these days the literacy rate of the state is also quite low. Due to the same, there are a lot of people that are drawing out of college these days, so the government to decrease the dropouts have introduced such programs.

It is to be noted that the scholarships are not gender-biased and there are scholarships for both blue-eyed girls and blue-eyed boys. The maximum amount awarded to an applicant can be a couple of thousand bucks. Also, the fact that the blue-eyed scholarships are as rare as blue-eyed people. So due to the same, there are not many colleges and schools out there that are offering scholarships for blue-eyed people.

How can you apply for Scholarships for Having Blue Eyes?

Many students due to the financial crisis are opting out and these scholarships are coming handy. These needy students have an option to approach their respective colleges and they also need not be worried about being expelled as their scholarships will cover the same. However, it is to be known that there are some requirements that need to be fulfilled to apply for the scholarships.

Requirements to be met

The following are the requirements that are required to be fulfilled

  1. The applicant should have enrolled in a college or high school
  2. Documentary proof of enrolment is also required to be submitted
  3. Proof of low-income is required
  4. He/She must be a U.S citizen.
  5. The applicant must have blue eyes since birth
  6. Proof of having blue eyes must be obtained from a known optometrist.

If the above-mentioned requirements are met then the applicant is eligible to apply for the scholarship and he needs to find a college that provides scholarships for blue eyes. Then he needs to fill in an application form for having blue eyes. In some rare cases, they also might have to write an essay describing how having blue eyes has affected your life.

Where to Apply for Scholarships for People with Blue Eyes?

Some of the places that provide scholarships for people with blue eyes are schools, colleges, hospitals, and religious institutions. Wherein schools and colleges help those students who wish to study but do not have the required financial support to do so.  They help them by providing them scholarships based on their talents. In this case, they provide them scholarships based on the color of their eye.

Sometimes even the hospitals also based on the results of the surveys and studies that they run on people offer scholarships to them if they have any special feature in them that sets them apart from the rest. If you are interested you can contact them and then participate in such surveys and can enjoy the benefits from the same. It is to be noted that the timings are also quite flexible and you can even participate in those surveys whenever you are free. So this is just one of the ways to apply for scholarships for people with blue eyes.

Churches are also very interested in this. They are mainly being offered by the churches as they want to help their members with any financial problem they might be facing. They specifically provide scholarships to people having blue eyes and also attending the masses and sermons and special occasions conducted by the churches regularly.

There are also many community centers available who are willing to provide money to those in need. As it would seem impractical to provide money for no specific reason they are also considering the scholarships for blue eyes people and out of all those especially for those that are in need. They also make it a priority to give that scholarship to those that are willing to help the community with their mind and muscle.

So these are the various ways that you can apply for the scholarship provided you are eligible i.e., qualified the criteria mentioned above.


So a decade back if anyone was told that there would be scholarships for people having blue eyes nobody would have believed. That has been the development and growth in the country like the U.S. So having a special feature is also considered to be something and are treated specially, compared to those days where they were not treated equally.

It is also to be noted that the U.S government and the various charitable organizations that are offering such scholarships are doing so for the betterment and the main goal is to reach and serve the needy. Which as a known fact will remain their main goal even 10 years down the line as well.

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