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How to Get a Tummy Tuck for Free? ( Try This First! )

How to Get a Tummy Tuck for Free?

The only way to get a tummy tuck for free is to find a doctor that will perform the surgery for free. You can find a list of free doctors in your area by searching “free Tummy Tuck doctors near me” on Google. If you’re looking for a doctor that will give you a tummy tuck for free, it’s best to call the doctor’s office and ask them.

In this article, we will be sharing with you all How to Get a Tummy Tuck for Free. For those of you who do not know, Tummy Tuck surgery, medically known as abdominoplasty, is a surgery for people going through fat-related issues and for ladies who are suffering from post-pregnancy fat. Since its introduction, this surgery has been very famous among people.

how much is a tummy tuck

Basically, the abdomen is made thinner in this process as the additional fat is removed from the lower as well as the middle abdomen. Tummy tuck for free is something many people are looking for. People who are going through fat-related issues can get help through a free tummy tuck. Although a tummy tuck is not a free service, many organizations offer a tummy tuck for free.

If you are someone looking for a tummy tuck for free, then keep reading further to get more information about it.

How to Get a Tummy Tuck for Free?

Often, a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is considered an item of luxury due to its high cost. And it is not really possible for people to get it generally. However, you will see that there are a few organization that helps people get a free tummy tuck.

Given below are a few such options you can go for to get a free tummy tuck. Just see that you are eligible for these programs first. It goes without saying that a tummy tuck is a very serious thing to get done. It is generally considered the option of last resort.

  • National Health Service

One of the most well-known programs of all time is the National Health Service organization. This organization is known to help the citizens of the UK with all of their medical issues. Anyone can reach out to them for help with a free tummy tuck.

The National Health Service covers the cost of a tummy tuck under appropriate conditions. Just note that you might not get the allowance for any skin or fat removal procedure after the main surgery. As the resources available for such surgeries and procedures are limited, just the main surgery is funded.

As the resources are limited and comparatively, the number of applicants is huge, there can be a long waiting list of people who are willing to get a free tummy tuck. These long waiting lists are also a reason why people do not really go for a tummy tuck for free surgeries and go for independent paying for the surgery.

However, those people who cannot afford tummy tuck surgery go for the free options. National Health Service can help you get a tummy tuck for free. Before you apply for this program, you will have to consult your daily practitioner.

If the consultant thinks that you require a tummy tuck, then they would recommend you to a consultant who will then decide if you are eligible for a tummy tuck for free or not.

  • Travel Abroad

If you did not think of this amazing idea, don’t worry. Read here to know more about this. One can travel abroad by getting yourself a tummy tuck for free. Some countries offer tummy tuck at low prices as compared to other countries. All you need to do is find a place where you can get a free tummy tuck or tummy tuck at affordable prices.

If you find any such place, you will also have to check if it covers all the costs of surgery, including the pre-surgery procedure, the main surgery as well as the post-surgery procedure charges. If all of these costs are covered in that country, then you need to see if you are eligible for it and also the doctor’s eligibility. It’s recommended to know who will be operating you.

  • Grants for a tummy tuck for free

If you do not already know, the government has a number of grants to offer to its citizens. Many people, due to their low income, are less fortunate and cannot afford even the basic needs of life.

At such times, the government helps them out through various grants like grants for food for low-income families, government grants for Dentures, Get Grants For Patents & Inventions Funding, free tablet applications, and so on.

mini tummy tuck before and after

Indeed the government and various Non-Profit organizations like Medicaid and so on help low-income families and less fortunate citizens with many health services for free of cost. One such grant is to get a tummy tuck for free.

Such government grants for a tummy tuck for free cover the cost of the surgery taking place under the surveillance of a suggested practitioner and happening at a prescribed hospital. You can get over $2000 as the grant amount for a tummy tuck.

How to Get a Free Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Tummy tuck surgery for free is something many people look forward to as they deal with belly fat. Through tummy tuck surgery, one can easily get rid of all the abdominal fat. However, these surgeries are costly and can make a huge hole in most people’s pockets. Hence, to help you out, below, we have mentioned a few ways using which you can get a free tummy tuck.

  • Approach Trainee Surgeons

This is one of the best ways to get a tummy tuck for free or at a low cost. It will rarely be free in such cases, but you can try. However, the cost of trainee surgeons would certainly be less than experienced practitioners. You can get an affordable price from trainee surgeons.

There certainly is a risk associated with trainee surgeons, but you might get a free tummy tuck as well. The choice is entirely yours to make. But before you make any decision, make sure to think about it well. You will also have to check the doctor’s license first and get a little information about their history.

  • Loans for surgery

Medical loans are one of the most popular loans out there. Many people who have to undergo some major surgery with high costs take these types of loans for surgery. You can pay for the surgery right away using the loan, and then, later on, you can repay the loan amount in installments.

You can thus get a tummy tuck for free for the time being. Generally, these types of loans are given to people who are healthy and have maintained a stable weight. People having realistic expectations are eligible too. Also, non-smokers are given preference for such loans.

  • Get hampers

A lot of cosmetologists generally tend to offer some sort of voucher or discount so as to maintain loyalty to their customers and work. Such vouchers can, at times, include major surgeries too like a tummy tuck at a cheap price. You can also get such coupons and vouchers when you bring in new customers to them and help in the marketing of their services and products.

If you are looking for such places, then Tria Destination Beauty and Plastic Surgery Center is one good option. This Bangkok, Thailand-based surgery center offers tummy tuck for free if you take part in their competitions.

To take part in their competition, all you need to do is send the organization a picture of your tummy and then write a short story about your struggle with a bloated tummy and the need for which you want to get this surgery done. If you are eligible for this competition, then you have great chances of winning it as well and thus get a free tummy tuck surgery of around $10,000 to $15,000.

Can a Tummy Tuck be Covered in Insurance?

Unfortunately, generally, Tummy tucks are not covered by medical insurance. As tummy tuck is mostly considered surgery of luxury, it is difficult to find it under insurance cover. However, according to the weight loss criteria introduced in 2016, although abdominoplasty is not covered by Insurance, the procedure that has to be done after the surgery can be covered by Insurance.

As per item number 30177 of Medicare, it is allowed to get plastic surgery covered by your Insurance. For applying for it, the patient has to, however, fulfill eligibility criteria similar to the one mentioned below.

tummy tuck gone wrong
tummy tuck went wrong

Eligibility Criteria

In order to get a tummy tuck covered in Insurance, the following criteria of eligibility need to be fulfilled –

  • The patient needs to have lost weight of up to 5 BMI or more. In other words, the person applying for the Insurance should have lost 15 Kg or more weight without any changes for at least 6 months.
  • All the non-medical methods of reducing fat should have failed for that person.
  • In case the patient is suffering from a hernia, they will automatically be eligible for this type of Insurance.
  • The level of skin should be interfering in daily life.

In case you are eligible for the program, you will be able to get a rebate of  $73.85. However, before that, you will have to pay a consultation fee of $250.


Is it possible to get a tummy tuck for free?

Yes. As mentioned in this article, it is possible through multiple ways, like National Health Service, Approaching trainee surgeons, etc., to get tummy tuck for free.

What kind of surgery is a tummy tuck?

This surgery is also called abdominoplasty. This type of surgery is to help people get rid of abdominal fat and related problems. In this, the abdomen is basically made thinner by removing excess fat.

Is the National Health Service paying for a tummy tuck?

As mentioned in this article, National Health Service covers the tummy tuck cost under certain circumstances. One might not be given the allowance for fat removal or related procedure after the main surgery. As the resources are limited, only the main surgery is granted.

Can a tummy tuck be done with a C-section?

If you have had a C-section before then, your Plastic surgeon might be able to incorporate the current C-section scar into the tummy tuck scar. You can do tummy tuck in combination with other body contouring cosmetic procedures like breast surgery, etc.

Final Words

I hope you have all found the answer to How to Get a Tummy Tuck for Free. Tummy tucks are indeed a very sought-after procedure to be done on the body. Although there are mixed opinions about plastic surgery, it can make a person more confident.

Belly fat can be an issue for many in terms of their overall looks as well as health issues. Since tummy tucks are considered to be a procedure of luxury, many people might not be able to afford it directly. However, the above-mentioned ways to get a tummy tuck for free can be helpful for you.

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