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Hospital Bed Donation Process And Some Best Places

Hospital beds are one of the crucial aspects of the treatment process in any hospital. We all know the tough times the entire world is going through especially with the virus and the variants spreading across continents. In such difficult times, it becomes essential that the healthcare system is strong enough with all the crucial necessities.

One of the major problems that arises with hospitals and their system is the availability of beds in times of a pandemic peak. Many a time, the beds available in a hospital do not suffice. This can be very bad for low income and less fortunate people as they might not get beds without paying for it.

How to donate a hospital bed


In such cases, the government, as well as many Non profit organizations, come forward to help those in need of hospital beds. Such organizations also help with any other needs that are required for a long term treatment procedure in a hospital.

In this article, we will be focusing more on the hospital bed donation process and some of the organizations that accept hospital bed donation.

Hospital Bed Donations

One of the most important pieces of equipment in a hospital is the bed. Every year, countless people are admitted to the hospital and need a bed to stay in during their treatment. However, not every hospital has enough beds for everyone who needs one. This is where hospital bed donation comes in.

Hospital bed donation is when people donate beds to hospitals so that they can be used by patients. This is a great way to help out your local hospital and make sure that everyone who needs a bed can get one. If you have an extra bed that you are not using, consider donating it to your local hospital. It could make a big difference in someone’s life.

Why should you donate beds to hospital?

It goes without saying that Hospital beds are an important and irreplaceable part of the treatment procedure at any hospital. Hospital beds for patient and elderly are a necessity that cannot be ignored. The society has many low income families, disabled people, veterans in need of hospital beds.

Similarly, we also have people in the society who are capable of helping such needy people by donating hospital beds and other necessities. There are many rich people who can buy and donate hospital beds or donate slightly used beds to hospital and hospital beds for low income families.

Given below we have mentioned some of the major reasons why you can do a donation like beds donation for hospital. But the most important reason would definitely be the sense of satisfaction that one will get by donating something essential to the needy.

  1. No financial requirements –  We all can agree to the fact that hospital beds can be a huge hole in anyone’s pocket. The charges can reach very high depending upon the situation. Also, when it comes to hospitals, there is not just one cost associated. You have tests, scans, their reports, medicines, injections and so on apart from hospital beds to pay for. This can be very strenuous for low income families and needy individuals. However, if you can get someone who can donate beds to hospital then you can get a free hospital bed. Thus, you can get a hospital bed without worrying about the funds and finances.
  2. Psychological relief – It is very natural that one can face stress if they do not get something smoothly in their medical procedure. Anyone will feel frustrated and annoyed if they do not get the most basic of the things in times of need. In contrast to this, if you get a hospital bed without any waiting or problems, then you will feel safe and secure about getting the treatment and doing well. If your hospital bed donation can provide some relief to those in need then why not go ahead for a good cause.
  3. No waiting lines – It can be very frustrating to be in waiting lists to get a free hospital bed right away. The procedure naturally becomes lengthy with all the waiting lists and documents verification process. Thus, you need to contact an organization that can help you with free hospital bed as that will get started the further medical procedure as quickly as possible. It is always better to get anything without having to keep waiting for it. Donating hospital beds can help many such needy individuals in tough times and thus donating a hospital bed is always the best option to go for.
  4. Tax deduction – You will be glad to know that your good deeds will be rewarded for. For those of you who do not know, Tax rebates or tax deductions is the amount of money that one will receive back after paying their taxes. If you have donated anything to a recognized organization, then you will be eligible for tax rebates. You can thus donate hospital beds and earn tax rebates. It basically a win win for both the parties and also a good deed.

Hospital Bed Donate Process

I am assuming that you have thought of doing this good deed to donate hospital bed for the needy. But do you know how you can go ahead to make this donation? Well, you can use the following ways to donate hospital beds.

Donate hospital bed

  • Donate hospital beds to your knowns –   Your close friends, or relatives might be facing financial issues and might need help with hospital beds. If they are not able to buy hospital beds for permanent use then you can help by giving them your slightly used hospital bed.
  • Contact local organizations – Most of the charity organizations have their office in majority of the locality. You can seek help from such local office of organizations like the MedEq, the Salvation Army and so on. So you can either call these organizations or directly visit them to donate hospital bed. They will help you throughout the procedure.
  • Get your hospital bed ready to donate –  After talking to the organization where you will be donating your hospital bed, you can ask them to come at your place to collect the bed. In case your bed needs any cleaning or repairing, make sure you do that before the transfer guys come to pick it up.
  • Collect the receipt – As you are donating hospital bed to a charity organization, you will get a donation proof in the form of receipt mostly. You can collect the receipt from them. You can further use this receipt to submit it at the IRS and claim for tax returns.

Things you need to know for Hospital Bed Donation

If you are thinking of donating hospital beds to organizations and charities, then it is obvious that you need to know a few things about the process to donate hospital beds. Given below are some factors that you need to be aware about while donating beds to hospitals.

  • Check out used or unused

Before you go ahead with donating hospital beds, make sure that you know if the bed is used or unused. Not all organizations will accept used bed. Similarly, many organizations also accept slightly used hospital beds. So this is something you need to check before taking any further step.

  • Bed is useable

Of course you cannot donate something that cannot be used. That would ruin the meaning of donating in the first place. So, see that the bed you are donating is in proper working condition. A lot of organizations do not accept damaged beds as it should be. So you need to check that the bed you are donating is in working condition and can be used further.

  • Transport cost

In most of the cases, the organization you are donating the hospital bed to will have the transport system to pick up the donated hospital bed. But some organization might not have this facility. So you will have to pay the cost of the transport for the bed. However, this is very rare and generally all the organizations have their transport services to pick up the hospital bed.

  • Tax Deduction

One of the important ways to save your income is by getting tax deductions. By donating hospital bed to organizations and charities, you can claim tax deduction. You will get a receipt from the organization you have made a donation to and you can submit this receipt to the IRS for a tax deduction.

Places That Deal With Hospital Bed Donation And Giveaway

Given below are some of the places that can help you with hospital bed donation and giveaway. Of course there are many more such organizations that come forward to help people in need with hospital bed donation and more such donations. However, we have mentioned the most well known organizations that deal with hospital bed donation.

Hospital bed donation charities

Veterans Outreach Center

The Veterans Outreach Center is one of the well known charity organizations that work for the betterment of the needy and less fortunate people. This New York based non-profit charity organization will accept any and all types of donations.

You can donate not just hospital beds for donation but also any other essential items like canes, wheel chairs, motorized scooters, walkers, and so on. You can also donate other necessary items to the Veterans Outreach Center such as food, clothes, furniture, groceries and so on.

The Veterans Outreach center is a great place that runs with the objective of helping veterans in every way possible. The process to donate is very simple in most of these organizations. You can visit their official website or call or visit the veterans outreach center physically. They will help you out with everything.

Project C.U.R.E

Another well known Non-profit charity organization that comes up to help people in need is the Project C.U.R.E. In emergency times, when the local hospitals and clinics face the issues of scarcity of crucial medical supplies like hospital beds, the Project C.U.R.E. comes forward to help with the medical supplies.

Established in the year 1987, this organization has been helping the needy by receiving donations from individuals, health care professionals, manufacturers, and so on. If you are looking for a hospital bed or want to donate hospital bed then this is a great option to go for.


MedShare is yet another non-profit charity organization that can help you with donate hospital beds to veterans and needy people. The best part about this organization, as you might have guessed by its name itself, is that MedShare also accepts donations of any medical equipment which are not used and have not expired.

At times like pandemic, many people overbuy medical and other equipment with fear of losing out on it or sold out. So such people can donate these overbought items if not used to this organization. The major areas of service of MedShare are – Northern California, Metro Atlanta, and the Metropolitan area of New York.

This organization has set up many recovery programs in the areas it works where anyone can donate hospital beds to veterans as well as any other useful medical equipment and supplies.

Just note that, the organization also avoids certain things for donation. You can check the entire list of items accepted which includes donated used hospital beds and what to avoid on their official website.

Good Health Will

One of the well known Non-Profit organizations for charity is the Good Health Will. This organization is helpful in providing seamless treatments to those in need. We all know how important a comfortable treatment procedure is for the well being of the patient.

This does not just involve a good set of doctors and nurses but also the peripheral services like injections, medicines, tests, hospital infrastructure, bed, and so on.

To help those in need, this Colorado based charity organization accepts used beds for hospital donations and also donate other medical items.

This organization is also known to help its sister organizations with offering crucial resources to help those in need of them. They are also engaged in serving people with other needs of life and also financial assistance.

This way the needy and low income families and people can pay their medical bills without worrying about not getting covered by Medicaid or Medicare and other insurance plans.

If you are willing to be a part of this good deeds organization, then you can easily register yourself and submit the essential documents with it. By doing so, you can help people and also get assistance from the organization throughout.

American Medical Resources Foundation

The American Medical Resources Foundation is a well known organization that helps with hospital beds donations program. Those people who are willing to donate hospital bed, the process is very simple and you will be assisted by the volunteers of the American Medical Resources Foundation through out it.

You can visit the official website to get more information about the process to donate hospital beds. Apart from hospital beds, you can also donate other items of need to this organization. You can either send hospital beds for donation to organization or they can come to pick it up for you.


Med-Eq is yet another well known organization that accepts hospital bed donations. This organization can help you in donating hospital beds by assisting you throughout the process. The best part about this organization is that they offer help in putting used hospital beds for donations in almost every city, town, state of the US.

In fact, they do not just help people of the US, but have extended their service across the seas. All you need to do to work with them is mail them the list of medical items that you are willing to donate. You can then decide on the time and date when you wish to get the donated items picked. Anyone can donate to this organization without any criteria to be met.


Is gently used hospital bed donation acceptable?

Yes, slightly used beds can be donated to hospitals. As long as the bed is in proper working conditions and you are willing to donate it, you can donate slightly used hospital bed. Just see that the bed is not faulty and if there is any issue with it, you can get it fixed and then donate bed to hospital.

Where Can I Donate my hospital bed?

You can donate a hospital bed to any of the many organizations that work with hospitals to provide the necessary items to the needy for free of cost. You can look for options like hospital bed donation near me in google and then contact the organization that comes up in the results. Making a phone call with them before proceeding further would be a better thing to do.

Is hospital bed donation tax-deductible?

Yes, because of the good deed that it is, hospital bed donation is tax deductible. The government too supports this kind of a gesture and thus you can benefit in the tax returns. You will also get complete assistance from the organization that you are donating the hospital to. You will be given a receipt of your donation which you can submit to the IRS for filing a tax deduction. You will be helped throughout the process.

Final Words

That was it all about Donating beds to hospital. I hope you have all found the above article of use. Indeed helping the ones in times of need is one of the good acts of kindness. You can involve in donating beds to hospital either by buying them or give away hospital beds for donation of your own.

Through hospital bed donation program you can help many low income families, disabled people as well as veterans and those in need. In case you have anything to add to this, feel free to do so in the comment section below. We will be glad to hear from you.

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