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Get Free Air Conditioners from the Government 2022

Get Free Air Conditioners from the Government 2021

In this article, we are sharing with you all the ways to Get Free Air Conditioners from the Government 2021. Keep reading further to know how you can get free Air Conditioners from the Government 2021 Texas.

Although Air Conditioners are pretty expensive and mostly fall under the luxurious commodities category, it doesn’t mean common people can not use them. Not when we have to Get Free Air Conditioners from the Government 2020 Program.

Air Conditioners might seem the item of luxury for many. However, hot and dry summers can make anyone go mad in no time. Especially the children, differently-abled people, and old aged people who do not have a tolerance capacity as young adults.

Get Free Air Conditioners from the Government
Get Free Air Conditioners from the Government

Until now, even we might have considered Air Conditioners to be a rich man’s property. However, with the government and many more people realizing the importance of Air Conditioners for medical and age-related reasons, the government has actually come up with a solution!

Yes, you read that right. Now, apart from Free Groceries for Low-Income Families,  Government Grants For Dental Implants, and so on, the government will also be helping the needy people with Air conditioners.

Many families have children, old age people, and differently-abled people with some medical issues and for whom tolerating the summers is a big deal. For the families who can afford to invest in an Air conditioner, do so.

But about those who can barely manage the general finances of their household. For such people who have the utmost need for Air Conditioners, the Government has brought up a program for free Air Conditioners.

Not just the Government but also various Non-Governmental and Non-profit Organizations also come forward to help people get free Air Conditioners 2020.

Eligibility to get free Air Conditioners from the Government 2020

Before we guide you on how to get Free Air Conditioners from the Government, here are the eligibility criteria for the same.

  • You and your family, for the people you live with, are citizens of the United States or have satisfactory immigration status.
  • You are suffering from a medical condition that gets worse with the heat, verified with a letter from a medical professional.
  • You do not have a working air conditioner that is not more than five years old.
  • You are not a resident of any subsidized housing, like Section 8 or NYCHA, where heating costs are included in the rent bill.
  • You meet any one of the below income requirements:
    • You receive SNAP benefits
    • Or Code A Supplemental Security Income.
    • Or Temporary Assistance program.
    • Your family is at or under the income following guidelines.
Family members Income per year Income per month Income per week
1 $29,928 $2,494 $576
2 $39,144 $3,262 $753
3 $48,360 $4,030 $930
4 $57,564 $4,797 $1,107
5 $66,780 $5,565 $1,284

You can simply add the below values for each extra member of the family.

$6,636 $553 $128

So if you are first in the above-mentioned criterion, and want help with getting free Air Conditioners from Government 2020, keep reading the simple guide below.

Get Free Air Conditioners from the Government 2021

One of the best programs of the Federal Government to provide free Air Conditioners for Low-income families is the HEAP.

HEAP, which stands for the Home Energy Assistance Program, is a government-administered program that provides financial assistance for air conditioning for low-income families.

The Cooling Assistance Program helps those who are eligible to buy and install an air conditioner or fan, which would go up to a cost of $800.

The Cooling Assistance Program opened on May 1, 2020. And the deadline to submit an application is on August 31, 2020.

Note that the Air conditioners are provided on a first-come, first-served basis for those people who are eligible applicants.

Another great way to get a free Government Air Conditioner is the Metropolitan Action Commission (MCA) Event. MCA organizes an event known as the free air conditioner for disabled 2021 events. People who have any sort of Disability can apply to their respective Local Government bodies to get an AC and eventually get rid of the scorching heat during summers.

To apply for this event, You will have to submit your social security certificate and proof of your disability and income at the government office.

After that, simply wait. If you are deemed eligible by the authorities for providing Cooling assistance benefits, the professionals will visit your home to install the free air conditioning unit.

Documents needed to get free Air conditioners from the Government

To get Assistance through the Cooling program of the Government to get free Air Conditioners, here is the list of documents you will need –

  • You need to prove who you are (Birth Certificate, Drivers License, an ID card with an address, etc.)
  • You must provide proof of your Income (Letter from employer on company letterhead, signed and dated, Cash Assistance budget letter, Business records of earnings and expenses for the most recent three months in a row, Alimony check stub, etc.)
  • Documents proving your resources (Bank books, Sample Check, Credit union records, Bank statement, Burial agreement or burial insurance, Copies of stocks, bonds, or securities, Deed or appraisal for real estate, etc.)
  • You must provide proof of your expenses (Current rent receipt, Fuel Bills, Sewer and Water Bills, Current lease, Mortgage records, Property tax records, etc.)
  • Documentation of citizenship or immigration status (US birth certificate, US passport, US baptismal certificate, Official US hospital or doctor records, Green Card, Naturalization certificate, etc.)
  • Health Insurance Proof (Medicare card)
    Providing proof of disability status (Statement from a medical professional, Proof of Social Security Disability (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI))
  • Proof of Non-Custodial Parent information (Death certificate, Divorce papers, Survivor’s benefits, Veteran’s Assistance or military records)
  • Proof of Attendance to School (School records, Statement from school)

Call 311

You can directly ask for help with the Cooling Assistance benefit.

Visit official website

You can always visit the NYS OTDA for more information on the Cooling Assistance benefit program of the Government.


The HEAP is the biggest and amazing program from the Government for free Air Conditioners. You can simply Call HEAP Conference Line at 212-331-3126 if you have any questions about the Cooling benefits program or need help from an operator.

Visit Cooling Centers in the city

New York City has various cooling centers in air-conditioned public facilities for those who are experiencing physical discomfort in the heatwave. You can always go there to get the cooling comfort of an AC.

Contact an NGO

If no Government Initiatives or Programs like HEAP prove to be helpful to you, don’t you worry. Apart from the government, also many Non-Governmental and Non-profit organizations have come forward to help people in need.

If you have the need for an AC for real medical reasons and issues or to ease the summer experience for Differently abled older people, you can contact the nearby NGO or NGOs and get the needed help.

Visit the Church

The church is a place that can help you with almost everything. Churches get many donations either in the form of money or directly the item needed. You can go to your local church and tell them your situation. I am sure they can be of some help to you.

Ask a Friend!

A friend in need is a friend indeed! Asking your friend can be very helpful if you want an air Conditioner desperately but couldn’t get it through Government’s heap program.

If not for free, you can always ask your friends for a Second-hand AC at a much lower price. This can get the job done without having to spend much. And even if your friend doesn’t have an AC and can’t help you directly, they can always move the word ahead in their friend circle.

Inquire on Social Media

Social Media is one such platform that can help people with any and everything. There is hardly anything that you cannot ask for on social media platforms.

Various Reddit communities, Facebook pages, and Instagram profiles work to help people and create communities for communalism. You can find numerous such pages to get help with an AC.

If not for free, but I am sure you will either get a second-hand AC or Air Conditioner at a low price on Social Media.

Take A Loan

This might not be ideal for many people. Still, if you are in a situation where you or any of your family members just can’t do without an AC, or if there are any heat-related health issues that might worsen due to heat, then this option is viable.

Also, this certainly should be your option of last resort. When nothing else helped you, taking a loan to buy an AC can be a good choice if you need an AC after all.

How to Get Free Air Conditioner For Medical Conditions?

A lot of medical conditions make it impossible for a person to bear the heat. Health issues related to Heat are not very rare and can prove to be very serious if not taken care of properly.

But nothing to worry about anymore with the great initiative and programs of the government, people who have medical reasons can now get free Air conditioners from Government 2020.

Having a Letter from a certified Doctor can help you with the process to get free Air conditioning Units.
Once you apply for the program, the authorities come and see your house and also the location of the Patients Room. And then further decide if you are capable of covering the electrical bill or not.

To get Government Grants For Air Conditioning Units, you can also apply for the State Energy-Efficient Appliance Rebate Program, which provides licenses for air conditioners.

Just know that the state grants are served on a first-come, first basis, and you will have to apply fast.

Also, Local grants provide free AC in the local charitable organization. Modest Needs award $1000 grants for an emergency, like the Grants for air conditioning units.

You can also ask the US Department of Health and Human Services for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program to Receive Free AC for Your House.

Concluding Words

I hope you have all understood by now how you can Get Free Air Conditioners from Government 2021.

Thankfully, Government has programs that can help people in need to get free Air Conditioners 2021. This can help many differently-abled people, children, and older people to deal with the summer heat.

Especially the HEAP program can make a huge difference if you are a low-income family member and in serious need of an Air Conditioner.

In case you have any queries or questions related to the above topic, feel free to ask us in the comment section below. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

Also, if you have any suggestions or information about how to get free Air Conditioners from Government, do share with us in the comment box below and help out your fellows!

Keep Visiting for more such helpful articles!

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