If you are looking for free water heaters from the government, here we are sharing with you all the Free Water Heaters For Low-Income Programs from the Government and other organizations. Read further to know more about the free water heaters program for low income families and individuals.

Of all the essential households, one of the most important ones is the water heater, especially when it’s the winter season. It becomes quite difficult for any individual to work without a water heater. And as much as one finds it basic and needed to be used in winters, not many can actually afford water heaters.

And to help such people who cannot afford a water heater, the government runs various programs to offer free water heaters to needy families and individuals. The Government, as well as Non Governmental organizations, run programs that offer free water heaters to low income families and individuals. 

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If you are one such person who is looking for free water heaters from government or non-government charities, then given below is a complete guide to getting you one. Keep scrolling and reading!

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Free Water Heaters For Low-Income Programs 2021

Similar to Free Washer And Dryer For Low Income FamiliesGet Free Government Tablet For low Income FamiliesFree Refrigerator Programs For Low income FamiliesGet Free Air Conditioners from the Government, the Government also runs programs to offer free water heaters for low income families and individuals. Here are some of the most useful ones mentioned –

Government Programs for free water heaters for low income families

Various programs are run by the government, including free water heaters for low income families and needy individuals. The federal, as well as state government, do realize the need for water heaters in winters, especially as well as the fact that not all can afford a water heater. So it comes up with programs offering free water heaters for low income families and individuals like –


LIHEAP stands for Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program. This federally funded program offers free water heaters to low income families and needy individuals. This organization offers grants for HVAC Systems. It also offers repair services for heating systems.

The program is very well known to offer assistance to all houses across the country to use energy-efficient as well as cost-efficient appliances. This organization, with the Department of Health and Human Services, offers free heating systems and water heaters as well as repair heating systems.

Similar to any other federally run program, for this one too, you will have to apply for free water heaters program by LIHEAP. Submit all the asked documents through online or offline mode, whichever is convenient to you. Once you have applied for the program, the officials will see into your case.

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  • HEAP

HEAP stands for the Home Energy Assistance Program. This is a very popular program that helps less fortunate citizens in paying the energy costs for the appliances in their house. It is one of the well-known programs that can assist you to get free water heaters for low income families.

HEAP is run by the federal government, and you can easily apply for free water heater program by filling out an application form. Just make sure to first check the eligibility criteria before you apply. Also, you will be asked to submit a few documents like proof of id, proof of income, etc.

The Eligibility criteria decided by the organization can be a little stricter in order to check the fraud cases and giving the essentials to only those who need them. If your situation is genuine and you are truly in need of a free water heater, then your chances to get selected for the free water heaters program by the government are high.

Free Water Heaters For Low Income Programs

What is Free Furnace Replacement?

Free Furnace Replacement programs offer assistance to low income families and individuals to replace furnaces with better and more energy-efficient furnaces. This heating repair replacement program can help those in need to repair furnaces at their homes. It also helps the needy with free water heaters.

This program is known by various names like Heating Repair Replacement Program, Free furnace replacement program, and so on. The program is widely available all across the US, and hence you can get benefits through it in any city, town, village, and state.

How to Apply for free furnace replacement?

The free furnace replacement program or Heating Repair Replacement Program is available all across the United States of America. Hence, all and any can apply for it. But just like any other government program, this one too has a certain set of eligibility criteria that needs to be fulfilled in order to avail the benefits. So make sure that you first check the criteria for eligibility.

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Who provides Grants for HVAC Systems

For those of you wondering, HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning unit. Generally, these systems are in built-in houses nowadays. However, there could be some houses where these systems aren’t built in.

If you wish to install these systems but lack the means for it, then do not worry. The government can help you through grants for HVAC Systems. Grants for HVAC systems let you install heating and cooling systems in your house. You can use these grants through the below programs –

Weatherization Assistance Program

Weatherization Assistance Program is one of the grants for HVAC systems that can offer a free water heater program. This program is designed to assist low income families by providing them free water heaters as well as by offering them energy-efficient appliances and the cost of weatherizing their homes.

This program benefits the beneficiaries by offering them an environment-friendly energy efficient house as well as free heating services. If you do not already know this, weatherizing is pretty costly and costs you near around $283 or even more each year. However, it can make a huge positive impact on your living conditions.

Weatherizing can help you get free heating via free water heater programs or a new furnace using WAP’s free furnace replacement programs. To gain the benefits of the Weatherization Assistance Program, you can simply contact the local weatherization agency to avail the benefits of grants for HVAC Systems.

You will be then asked to fill in an application form, and the agency will decide if you are eligible for this program. Once you are deemed eligible, you will be moved to the waiting list of homeowners and wait for your turn to get your house weatherized. You also get free furnace replacement and free heating through their free water heater program.

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ENERGY STAR Tax Credit is a government-supported organization. This one, though not directly sponsored by the government, can help you get free water heaters for low income families. Basically, through this program, you get 10 percent of the cost that sums up to $500 or a particular amount ranging from $50 to $300 for a qualified HVAC systems purchase.

You can use the HVAC Grants through ENERGY STAR Tax Credit so as to make the country energy efficient, which is the long-term goal of HVAC Grants. You also get tax rebate programs through ENERGY STAR Tax Credit. Certainly, you can get a free water heater using this program or at least at a very low price.

Location-Based Free water heater programs

Apart from the programs mentioned above, there are a number of programs run by the Government as well as NGOs that help with free water heaters for low income people. Similar to LIHEAP and HEAP, even these programs provide repairs for heating systems.

  • HAP

HAP stands for Heating Assistance Program. This program was specially made for the residents of Alaska. Under this program, the residents of Alaska are offered free heating by the government.

This program also includes offering people free water heaters for low income families as well as free furnace replacement. They also help people with assistance in paying bills and providing energy-efficient free water heaters.

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  • HEAT

HEAT stands for Heat Energy Assistance Team. This is a non-profit non-government organization working for the betterment of the people since 1983. It is based in Georgia. The organization is run by various volunteers and offers free water heaters to the needy.

HEAT organization has the aim to provide the residents of Georgia with the required home energy needs. One can expect heating system repairs, furnace replacement, low income furnace repair, furnace help for low income, etc.

The organization works by tying up with different corporations, cities, energy companies, community action centers, agencies, etc., to help people with their energy needs.

Arizona Department of Securities

The Arizona Department of Securities is entirely dedicated to the Citizens of Arizona. This organization, however, works with government-funded programs like the LIHEAP. Through this program, heating services and appliances are provided to those in need.

You can apply to this program, but first, we would recommend you check the eligibility. For the program from this organization, income is the major criteria. If you fulfill all their requirements of the criteria, you will be given a free water heater.

If you fit in and apply for the program, the organization can help you with heating service in 3 ways –

  1. They would help to pay current and past energy bills that are pending.
  2. The organization would assist you with the utility deposits.
  3. ADS would help you with energy efficiency measures that would further reduce the energy bills for your household in the future.

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Energy Outreach Colorado

If you are looking for Free Water Heaters For Low-Income Programs 2021, one of the options you have is the Non-Profit Non-Government Organization, Energy Outreach Colorado.

This is basically a donation-based charity that raises funds to offer free water heaters to low income families. They also provide repair services. They help citizens of Colorado with furnace replacement as well as heating system repairs.

It works towards giving the citizens of Colorado an energy-efficient and environment-friendly house. Similar to the Heat organization, this one too works in collaboration with various organizations and contractors in the US.

You can check out the eligibility criteria for this organization’s help and free water heaters program, and if you fit in, you can apply to get help from them.

Concluding Words

I hope that you all have found the article on Free Water Heaters program For Low-Income families useful. In case you have any doubts or questions to ask, feel free to ask us in the comment section below.

Water heaters are an essential commodity for any household, especially in winters. But buying them can make a hole large enough in many people’s pockets. In order to help the less fortunate who cannot afford such huge purchases, the government runs programs for free furnace replacement and free water heaters.

Apart from the above-mentioned ways, you could also help yourself to get a free water heater by visiting reselling sites like Craigslist, Freecycle, etc. Or posting on social media about your needs. You can also check various Telegram and Reddit groups where people either sell old items at low costs or in exchange for something else.

Another great option to try would be visiting a local church. Indeed churches are one of the very few places that help those in need with almost anything. A number of devotees offer donations to the churches according to the needs. You can visit your local church and see if anything works out there.

At last, one more way you can try is asking a friend. Even if your friend does not want to sell or give away a free water heater, they might know someone who wants to. Asking never does harm!

Also, if you know of any other means or programs through which one can get free water heaters, do let us know below. Your one comment can be very helpful for many.

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