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How to Get a Free Laptop with Food Stamps in 2022

Free Laptop With Food Stamps

Today’s article will guide you on How to Get a Free Laptop With Food Stamps in 2022. With the increasing requirements of digital connectivity, gadgets like laptops, mobile phones, computers, etc. have gained a tremendous amount of importance. Adding to it, the currently prevailing pandemic has made almost the entire world shift to an online mode of conduct.

This gave rise to the need to use technology gadgets like computers, laptops, mobile phones, and the much-needed internet connection. However, it is not possible for everyone to afford expensive laptop or other gadgets to get internet connectivity.

But with the alarming importance of the use of such devices and the aim to mitigate the digital divide, many government programs, Non-government, non-profit organizations, and private organizations come to lend a helping hand to those in need.

With some of these organizations, the eligibility criteria also include those with SNAP program assistance or food stamps. The low-income families and needy people who have SNAP assistance or food stamps fall under the category of low income as per the federal government guidelines.

So if you are someone who is already enrolled for and receiving food stamps, you can also get a free laptop with food stamps. If you are willing to know more about this, then you can follow the in-depth article below.

How to Get a Free Laptop With Food Stamps in 2022

It is obvious that anyone would want to get a free laptop. It might not seem possible at all, but it sure is. As well are all aware of the increasing importance of laptops and digital connectivity, the government is also not lacking to support for this good cause.

The government, mainly through its EBB program, helps people get free laptops and free internet services. You can get more information about How to Get a Free Laptop With Food Stamps below.

Free Laptop And Internet Program With Food Stamps 2022

We all know quite well that a laptop can only be used to its true potential when an internet connection backs it. At the same time, even the internet is quite an expense. However, considering today’s scenario, the internet and laptop have nearly become essential to live.

So to help out the needy people who cannot afford internet and laptop by themselves, the government has come forward with the EBB program free laptops. The EBB program stands for Emergency Broadband Benefit, allowing low-income households to get internet connection for free without worrying about the bills.

Along with EBB, there are also many Non-government, Not-for-profit organizations willing to help people in need with free laptops and internet. If you did not already know, those eligible for the SNAP program or food stamps program will automatically be eligible for the EBB program to get free laptops and internet.

As the SNAP program offers food stamps to only low-income families and needy people, the households who are a part of the SNAP program or food stamps will also be eligible for the EBB program and for similar other programs.

As the food stamps owners are the ones who have low income, they are considered to be the ones who cannot afford to buy a laptop or internet connection.

Eligibility For Free Laptop With Food Stamps

If you have one, then you might already know that food stamps are also known as SNAP. SNAP is basically the Supplement to Nutrition Assistance Program, one of the most well-known programs that the Federal Government runs. This program aims to offer free food for low-income people and the needy who cannot afford to buy food for themselves.

To be eligible for receiving the SNAP assistance, the applicant has to meet the criteria of income in accordance with the federal, poverty guidelines. They should be from the low-income category and not be able to afford to buy food.

Such food stamps would then allow you to get free food. But did you know, that you can also use food stamps to get free laptop under the emergency broadband benefits and similar programs to get free laptop.

As we mentioned earlier, SNAP is a federal program that needs people to go through a test by submission of their monthly income and the necessary documents. The organization then verifies your income figure as well as the documents you submitted to make sure that you belong to the low-income category and are eligible for SNAP.

Once they have reviewed the crucial information about the households, then they choose the ones eligible for the program. Such selected people would then receive a monthly allowance to buy groceries from shops and supermarkets.

One of the best things about SNAP program is that those individuals who have the SNAP food stamps are also eligible for many government programs for low income families. One of the yet other popular programs from the government is the EBB, i.e., the Emergency Broadband Benefit program.

The EBB program, as mentioned before, was launched by the government so as to provide free laptop for a certain period of time to those in need. This program was very helpful to the needy, especially in the covid-19 pandemic when the work and education conduct shifted t to the online mode.

Since SNAP is offered to those who belong to the low income category, they do not have to go through any other eligibility test for EBB program. They automatically become eligible for EBB. Apart from EBB, the government also has other programs that offer free laptops for low-income families.

With the government, many companies like Qlink Wireless, T-Mobile, and others also offer free tablets to those with SNAP food stamps. And, if you did not already know, those who are eligible for SNAP assistance are generally given preference in many such programs. SNAP assistance works as the only criteria for eligibility.

How to Apply for a Free Laptop from the Government

Free Laptop from Government

In order to get a free laptop from government, you will have to apply for free laptop from government through the EBB program by following the below steps –

First of all, make sure that you are eligible for EBB program. If you are eligible for food stamps, you will automatically be eligible for EBB. Once you have checked the eligibility, you can then visit the national verifier website to ensure your eligibility.

Next, you will have to find an EBB provider who offers free laptops in your state and your area. You can either search online or at the GetEmergencyBroadband site for looking up the participating broadband providers. After you have looked for a provider, you can then contact them to make sure that they offer free government laptops for low income families.

Once you have clarified everything with the provider, you can ask them as to how to apply for a free laptop for low income families. In majority of the cases, you will be asked to fill in an application form present on the website.

At the time of this application procedure, you will have to fill in some basic crucial information. Make sure that all the information you are entering is correct, as it will be verified later on with the help of the federal database.

Note that if you are already receiving the EBB benefits through another provider, you will not be eligible to get any more EBB benefit. There is only one EBB benefit for every eligible household for this program. You can also get a free tablet by checking the article here. 

Free Laptop Providers With Food Stamps

How to Get Free Laptop With Food Stamps

Below are the organizations through which you can get a free laptop with food stamps. Almost all the below organizations will help you in providing a free laptop with food stamps. Make sure that you check their eligibility criteria carefully and then apply for these programs.

On It Foundation Free Laptop For low Income

Starting with one of the most well-known charity organizations – The On It Foundation is known to work with the objective of eradicating the issue of the digital divide. As we all know very well, laptops and other similar gadgets and the internet have become a need of the hour for all. It is certainly not possible that everyone will be able to afford such expensive gadgets.

And with the conduct of life – work and education, mainly, shifting to the online mode, it has become all the more essential to have a laptop. Such a situation has created a problem of the digital divide. Thus, this organization offers free laptops to those who do not have enough money to bridge this gap.

The low-income families and individuals can contact the On It Foundation to get free laptops and computers since the organization aims to deliver the same to those in need. For this program, the students are given the topmost priority.

Parents can also apply on behalf of their children. For a student’s application form, you will have to mention the name and age of the student along with their school name and grade. If any other information is asked for, that needs to be filled in.


Adaptive.org is a not for profit organization that works towards offering free laptops and computers to low income families whose kids are in need of it. In order to be eligible for this service, the applicant must be ready to a 10 hours community service to get the free laptop.

If you are ready for the community service, you will be eligible to get a free laptop for low-income families. You can get more information about this organization and their program through their official website.

Alliance For Technology

When it comes to digitalization, there will always be the issue of a digital divide between people who can and cannot afford the expensive digital gadgets needed to access the technology and internet services. To mitigate this divide, various organizations like Alliance For Technology help people out with access to technology and gadgets.

Alliance For Technology is an organization that has collaborations with various organizations like Computer Reach, Electronic Access Foundation, Interconnection, Virginia Star, and so on. This organization aims to bridge the gap between digitization and traditional ways through such tie-ups.

PCs For People

Yet another one of the popular organization is PCs For People, a non-profit organization that focuses on educating the less fortunate people by giving them access to laptops and computers having high-speed internet.

As the pandemic has caused an elevated rise in the use of laptops and computers, the organization is continuously doing its best to offer internet along with computers and laptops to help the low-income and needy families and individuals.

If you are willing to seek help from this organization, you have to make sure that you are eligible. You can check their official website for the latest updates and criteria of eligibility.

Generally, to be eligible for this program, you will have to be under the poverty line of 200%. You should also be enrolled for income-based assistance programs of the federal government like food stamps.

Computer With Causes

One of the very well-known organizations that offers free laptops and computers is the Computer with Causes institution. This organization helps low-income families and the students, teachers, elderly, parents, and disabled people get free laptops and computers.

In order to provide free laptop and computer to those in need, the organization verifies and evaluates the need of those applying and conducts a background investigation so that limited resources are offered to those in need of it.

One can apply for their program through their official website and then fill out the application form. This form should have all of your necessary information and is true in nature. Since the information provided is later on verified, it is better to submit the genuine information.

Everyone On Free Laptop For low Income

Everyone On is an organization that works in all the fifty states of the US. It aims to provide free laptops and computers to low-income families having an income of less than $35,000. They have refurbished computers that are offered at a low cost and a few new gadgets as well. They also offer cheap internet service through their program for low income families.

Human I-T

Another well-known non-profit organization is the Human I-T, known to bridge the gap between those having access to technology and those who do not have access. They make sure that every day gets access to the primary electronic gadgets and the internet.

This institution also ties up the with government’s EBB program for providing huge discounts on laptops and high-speed internet. To be a part of this program, you will have to fill in an application form with the necessary information. You can get more information by calling at (562) 372-6925.

National Cristina Foundation

Yet another one of the most well-known organizations working for a good cause is the National Cristina Foundation. This foundation works with the aim of making technology affordable and accessible to the less fortunate people who would otherwise be unable to do so.

This is one of the first foundations working in the technology area. It was established in the year 1984 and since then has been striving to mitigate the technological divide among the people and promote human potential.

Microsoft Registered Refurbishers

As the name suggests, this program is by Microsoft, a well-established technology company. Through Microsoft Registered Refurbishers, you can get refurbished computers and laptops. They also offer genuine Mircosoft office software to low-income families. You can visit their official website to get more information.


Along with the government, this organization works to provide free laptops for low-income families and needy individuals. In order to be eligible for this program, you will have to check the eligibility criteria according to your state, as it differs from state to state. Those who are genuinely in need can contact and seek help from this organization.

Komputers for Kids

Komputers for Kids is yet another one of the well-known organization working in Los Angeles and Orange county. This organization gives free laptops and computers to low-income and needy people.

The organizations basically collect the old PCs and laptops from people who are willing to give them away, and then they refurbish them to offer to the needy. If the old collected gadgets are not working, then they are recycled.

World Computer Exchange

World Computer Exchange is an organization that works with the government, schools, libraries, and many other such organizations to help those in need. You can contact and request this organization if you are in need of a free laptop or PC.

You can explain your situation to them and depending on that they will try their best to give you a free laptop or PC. The organization mainly focuses on bridging the digital divide in developing countries.


I am sure you must have heard about Freecycle at one point in your life. This online website is one of the best opportunities for people to get a lot of stuff for free or at low cost. You can get anything and everything right from food, groceries, furniture, tablets, mobile phones, laptops, computers, bed, and so on from this website.

Freecycle is a not-for-profit organization that volunteers run. The website has a variety of items and commodities, including laptops and computers. It also has a user-friendly interface, so that won’t be an issue if you are new to it.

With Causes Help for free laptop

Last but certainly not the least is the organization – With Causes. Do not confuse it with Computer with causes as both are very different organizations but with the same end goal. After applying for their program, you can get refurbished laptops and computers through this organization.


How Can I get the free laptop from the government?

You can get free laptop from government by using any of the above methods or organizations. You can also seek help from NGOs and other ways to get a free laptop.

How do I qualify for a free computer?

We have mentioned in detail in this article about qualifications for a free computer. If you are eligible for some government programs for low-income families like Medicaid, SNAP, etc., you will also be eligible for some free computer programs.

How do I get a free laptop from the government?

You can apply for the various government programs for free laptop through which you can get a free laptop from the government.

How do low-income families get free computers?

Low income families can get free computers and laptops from various Non-profit organizations as well as government programs. If you are eligible for certain government programs like Medicaid, etc., you will also be eligible for free laptop programs.

Why does an organization want food stamp entitlement?

An organization that offers free laptops to the needy will want a food stamp entitlement because they are aware that those people having a food stamp entitlement have undergone the low-income test. So if some people have got the food stamp entitlement, they will automatically be eligible for the other help and programs as per their needs.

How can I get a free laptop in 2022?

There are a number of organizations out there that can help you get a free laptop 2022 like Komputer for Kids, With causes, the On it foundation, Alliance for Technology Refurbishing and Reuse, Everyone On, National Cristina Foundation, Microsoft Registered Refurbishers, Smartriverside, Computer with Causes, and so on.

Concluding Words

That was it all about How to get a free laptop with food stamps in 2022. I hope you have all found the article of use and could understand it. In case you have any queries, feel free to ask us in the comment section below. We will be glad to help you out.

As you might have understood by the article given above, there are a number of ways to get a free laptop from the government and many NGOs. All you need to do now is make sure that you are eligible for such programs and then apply for them.

Also, if you have any additional information about How to get a free laptop with food stamps or similar programs to get free laptop and computers, then do let us know in the comment section below. It will be helpful for many.

We hope the article helped you!

Stay tuned for more!

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