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How to get Free Government Laptops for Anyone

free government laptops for low income families 2021

If you are in search of ways to get free laptops for low-income families or you are looking for application forms or ways to get a Laptop for Free, then you are in the right place.

In this post, we will discuss and guide you through the process of applying for free government laptops for low-income families. But let me tell you that to get eligible, you will have to fit in their decision criteria, as the federal government has a set of strict rules to give free laptops to low-income families.

Not just laptops, the government also offers free Laptops for low-income families. This free distribution is dependent on the budget and stock availability.

You can always try with nonprofit organizations if you are not eligible for a free government laptop. If you are wondering if you can get a free laptop without doing anything, then the answer is yes, you can. Follow the below article for know-how.

On a similar note, the government, instead of approaching low-income families directly, assist nonprofit and local organizations. So from the received fund, charities, NGOs and NPOs will help you to get free government laptops.

To get the free laptops from government, you must fill in the required forms, which go to the committee.

If the committee finds you eligible, your application will be eligible in a few days. Once done, you will get a laptop under the program from the government.

How to get a free laptop from the government?

Unlike most government free-giving programs, filling out the application forms is easy to get free laptops for low-income families. But finding the places that will offer you free laptops is super hard. Well, now that is where Marilynsfalsies.com comes in!

This post will provide you with the information you will need to know about getting free government laptops for low-income families. Suppose you are a resident of the United States of America. In that case, you get free laptops and the internet without much effort. Eligibility is all you need to have in general.

Organizations That Provide Free Laptops For Low Income Families

Now, let us discuss where you can get a free laptop from the government.

1. Smartriverside

free tablets for low-income families

Smartriverside is one of the nicest programs that will offer Laptops for low-income families with backing from the government.

Smartriverside can be accessible in many states in collaboration with nonprofit organizations. They also contribute affordable or free computers for the needy.

The eligibility criteria differ from state to state. You will have to fill in a certain application to get free assistance.

2. Everyoneon

Everyoneon Free Government Laptops for Low income families

Everyoneon is a program that is spread across almost 50 states in the United States. It is one of the easiest ways to get low income free laptops, but this is only for those whose income is less than $35000.

Furthermore, they refurbish old computers for those who do not need them and will give them to one who needs them. They also offer free training courses.

3. The Freecycle Network

The Freecycle Network Free Government Laptops for Low income families
The Freecycle Network Free Government Laptops for Low-income families

Freecycle is an online-only platform that you can use to get free computers and laptops from the government. It is a Nonprofit Organization that gives recycles items for use.

You can fill out the application form online if you are needy; this local organization will give you recycled items for use. You can check out the official website of Freecycle Network to know more about the organization and what it can offer you.

The website has detailed and categorized sections that mention what else the organization can offer for the needy. However, you will have to fill up the form, and you will be benefitted if you deem eligible.

4. Microsoft Registered Refurbishers

free laptops for students from the government

Microsoft is one such company that generally participates in many donation programs. It is obvious to expect Microsoft to be a part of this.

With this specific program, they offer computer refurbishers. Moreover, they also offer genuine Microsoft software to low-income families and charities.

5. The On it Foundation

free laptop for college students from government

The On it Foundation is Florida-centric, meaning it is only available for Florida. Suppose you are a resident of Florida and are eligible for the program. In that case, there are high chances for you to get a government-free laptop.

The On It Foundation collaborates with the existing computer access centers, businesses, education institutions, and the surrounding local area to bring the entire community to bear on the technological advancement.

You get not only free laptops but also various training programs and free internet connection as well. Here is the official website link to know more about the On it Foundation.

6. With Causes

withcauses Free Government Laptops for Low income families

With Causes is an organization that provides refurbished laptops and computers for those who apply, and it also offers them for those who all apply for it.

Unlike most organizations, they offer to work and test laptops for the applicants.

7. Adaptive.Org

Adaptive.Org mainly offers PC and laptops to the students. The eligibility criteria here are from the 5th standard to College.

But do note that they only offer to Michigan alone. The participant should be ready to exchange ten hours of community service for getting the Laptop for free.

8. PCs for People free Laptop Assistance

PCs for People or PCP is yet another Nonprofit Organization that helps the needy to get free Laptop Assistance. Like any other NGO, this one also has strict norms to be eligible for free laptop assistance.

One has to be below the 200% poverty level. Or one must have a family member with a disability or work with social welfare organizations or themself be a social worker. If you fit these criteria, you can fill out the form.

9. Ctac-Computer Technology Assistance Corps

As the name says, this organization works with tech-based companies like Microsoft and the government to help needy people with money for Laptop assistance.

Here is the link to the official site to learn more about CTAC.

10. Interconnection

Interconnection is one organization that connects people in need with affordable laptops and desktops. This organization is based in the Seattle area, but one does not require to live there to get their services.

Interconnection has an online store with low-priced laptops and computers from brands like Apple, Dell, Lenovo, etc.

11. World Computer Exchange

World Computer Exchange is yet another great resource one can try out to get free or low-priced laptops and computers.

The organization works with schools, governments, parties, libraries, etc., to support those in need with refurbished laptops.

12. Cfy.Org

free laptop for students government

Cfy.org is also offering free government laptops for families with low income. This is a national organization Which is committed to helping parents, and for that, they need to offer full Help.

Their main objective is to improve the education outcomes for all the participants; hence, they provide free refurbished PC to all those linked with the education chain. Moreover, they also offer free internet packs and broadband too.

13. Accelerated Schools Program Laptop Loans

Through the Accelerated School Program, one can apply for the government program of free laptops. For this, all one has to do is deposit $100. And when the laptop/computer is returned in a proper condition, $100 will be repaid to you.

This program offers Help to low-income families with no Laptop or desktop so they can have a better education.

They also assist in providing access to the internet, and then the program can be joined by calling directly.

14. Adaptive.org

This organization gives Free laptops to needy families with children above Class 5 to College. To be eligible for a free laptop, the applicant must be ready to do 10 hours of community service if they want to get the Laptop.

Similarly, the benefit of free laptop assistance can also be availed by low-income families, disabled people, senior citizens, and those people with financial issues. You can check out their Official Website for more info.

15. Computers for learning

Computers for learning is an organization that takes Computer hardware and software from the federals. Then these are refurbished and are then distributed to schools, colleges, and universities.

This organization sends the laptops’ components to other organizations working for humankind and a better world by helping the people. You can also enquire about it through call and email. You can visit their official site to know more.

16. Angie’s Angel Help Network

Another well-known organization that brings together the one in need and the donating party is Angie’s Angel Help Network. Through this platform, one can easily get free computers for low-income families. Many organizations too promote their assistance programs through this network. 

The best part about this organization is that you can easily approach them. You can also look for their Help online and search for what you are looking for. So, for free computers, you can search the same keyword. Then a list of organizations will pop up that will show your search results, in this case, programs that offer free computers for low-income families. 

17. The National Cristina Foundation

The National Cristina Foundation is one of the popular Not-for-Profit organizations working to reuse the technology across the country. This charity organization has ties with many other organizations and agencies that work towards achieving the same goal. 

It goes without saying that this organization understands the ill effects of the devices that are no more in use and causing environmental deterioration. This Foundation ensures that they pass on the technology to those in need. You can easily locate the office of this organization or contact them online to get free Laptops for low-income people.

18. Seattle Community Network

The Seattle Community Network is another well-known organization offering free laptops for low-income families and internet compatibility. They mostly help disabled people and low-income families that need laptops and computers. 

You can find the nearest Seattle Community Network or visit their official website. You will find all the updates and deadlines on the official website, including their updated eligibility criteria for the program. Just make sure you are careful about the website you are using, as there can be many fraudulent websites. 

How to Apply for Free Laptops For Disabled

Below are some of the benevolent organizations that offer Laptops to disabled people. You can reach out to any of these organizations and provide proof of disability to get free laptops for disabled people. 

  • The Beaumont Foundation of America

The Beaumont Foundation of America is an organization that works toward improving the living standards of less fortunate citizens, disabled people, the elderly, and low-income citizens. This Foundation realizes that it could be difficult for such vulnerable groups to meet their day-to-day needs. Hence, the organization gathers funds to help those in need. 

The officials and volunteers at the Beaumont Foundation of America provide all the available resources to those in need. You can seek their Help to get free laptops and computers. It is possible to get a grant for free laptops for the disabled from this Foundation. 

  • GiveTech

Another well-known charity organization that offers free laptops for disabled people is GiveTech. Unlike any other charity organization, this organization gives away laptops and computers to those in need. This one is slightly different. Considering the special needs of specially-abled people, this organization offers financial assistance to disabled people to buy technology that best suits their needs.

If you did not already know, there are a lot of technological gadgets and devices that are meant especially for disabled people. For example, if someone has lost their limb, the Voice-to-Text feature would be helpful for them. As this charity works especially towards the specially-abled, they require proof of disability for the official formalities. Also, the person concerned should financially not be able to pay for the device.

  • Disability.gov

As you might have already understood, Disability.gov is a government website that provides all the crucial information regarding the programs offering free laptops for low-income families, disabled people, and so on. This website is backed by the US Department of Labour, which financially supports it.

This website will get all the essential details about free laptops for needy people. Just note that due to the dynamic nature of resources available with various programs and organizations, the resources listed on this official website might change yearly or periodically. So, do keep in mind to check the website regularly for any updates.

How to Get a Free Laptop and Computer from Craigslist?

For those wondering, Craigslist is an online buying and selling platform where you can also find a lot of free stuff. Many people resell various items on this site that others can buy at lower prices.

Similarly, many good people donate their items which are available for free. You can certainly find a laptop or desktop here.

How to Get a Free Laptop from United Way?

United Way is yet another Nonprofit Organization that works to help people through different means. It also has an application by the name 2-1-1. You can get a free laptop from united way by simply visiting their site and following the procedure.

Official site – Unitedway.org

How to Get a Free Laptop from St. Vincent De Paul?

St. Vincent De Paul needs no introduction. This is one of the most helpful organizations that help people in almost every aspect of life, from Food and clothes to items like laptops. This is one of the world’s most well-known Nonprofit organizations offering free laptops and computers for low-income families. 

All one has to do is visit their official site and click “Get assistance.” You will be then guided for further Help by them. You must fill out an application form to get free laptops for low-income families. Doing this will register you as an applicant to be considered when choosing the free computers for low-income families program awardees. 

Free laptops for college students

Laptops are essential for college students. Be it presentations, assignments, online lectures, etc., and a laptop is a necessity. But sadly, not all students can afford laptops.

Get Free Laptops for College Students from the Government

Luckily those can always rely on the Free government internet and Laptop indirectly. Various organizations and government schemes can help needy students with free laptops. Here are some of the organizations you can try.

  • Technology for the Future

Technology for the Future is a North California-based Nonprofit organization that provides technology solutions in The US and Canada. It is not exactly a government initiative. The objective of this organization is to provide free laptops to needy families and students.

This organization works in various states, cities, towns, etc. Since this organization works in the US and Canada, if you are a citizen of any of these countries, you automatically become eligible to apply for the free laptops for low-income families program through this organization. You can get more details on the official website regarding its eligibility criteria and the deadlines. 

  • The Open Education Database

The Open Education Database is an organization that offers free laptops for college students. The government administers this organization. However, it is not completely free. The cost of the gadget in concern is added to your college fees. 

One can get free laptops, iPad, and computers through these organizations. Just note that this program is available only for the colleges enrolled in it and their students. You can check the official website of this organization to check the list of eligible colleges. Through the official website, you can also check the eligibility criteria as well as the deadlines for the program. 

  • NoteBook For College students

This is a great initiative by Students and professors of Los Angeles. Do not all for the name and think this would be an NGO offering free stationery. This organization works to help needy students who find obstacles in completing their classwork due to issues like the availability of laptops or desktops.

This organization works by computer labs and refurbishing centers to provide laptop assistance for college students. This organization works in collaboration with similar organizations to help those in need. You can visit the official website of this organization to get more details about the program, its eligibility criteria, and the deadlines.

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If you apply for a Laptop for Free, it is very obvious that you will need to file certain forms with all the correct information and details. Moreover, your application undergoes many checks to confirm your eligibility criteria. It is worth noting that there is a huge competition out there, so there are not enough laptops for everyone who applies.

As mentioned earlier, if you cannot qualify for the application, you can always try with NGOs and other charities. This is how you can get free government laptops for low-income families.

Just check these organizations’ official websites to stay updated with all the crucial information. Also, note that many fraudulent websites and scammers might lure you into paying registration fees to apply for the Laptops for Free for low-income families program. Do not fall for such scams; only follow and fill out applications through official websites.  

If this post helped you get free government laptops, show us some love by sharing this post with your friends and family. Also, if you know of other programs or organizations offering free laptops for low-income families, mention those in the comment below. It will be helpful for many. Now that you have done that, it is time for me to bid you adieu.

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