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Dominion Power low income assistance programs

Dominion Power low income assistance programs

Summers can be tough, especially when you lack a proper cooling system. A lot of less fortunate individuals still lack this basic need for the summers due to various reasons. And hence the Dominion Power low income assistance programs can come to the rescue for many such people. If you are one such person looking for help with cooling bills and more, then keep reading further.

Electricity is a major need, be it chilling winters where you might need heaters all day and night or hot summers where you require air conditioning or fans. Similarly, utility bills also cannot be afforded by everybody. Dominion Power understands this, and thus besides the government programs for electricity bills assistance, there are also a few Dominion Power low income assistance programs that can help pay utility bills and more.

Dominion Power low income assistance programs

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Dominion Power low income assistance programs

Given below are a few Dominion Power low income assistance programs that one can use up if they have either exhausted other programs like LIHEAP, HEAP, HARRP, etc., or could not get help from those programs.


EnergyShare is one of the crucial Dominion Power low income assistance programs in Virginia. This program is basically is for those people who could not get Energy assistance from Government programs and have no other options left to go for. The program is run on the local level by the participation of Local Human Services Agencies and Community Action Agencies.

Apart from such local government bodies, many organizations, charities, civic organizations, local businesses, Dominion and their employees, also donations from various customers and Churches come forward to help this program and consequently many needy people with energy assistance.

The EnergyShare program helps low income families with cooling and heating bills financial assistance. Whether it is Oil or Natural gas, Kerosene, Wood, electricity, etc., all of it comes under the EnergyShare dominion power assistance program.

Through the EnergyShare program, the individuals who paid air conditioning or summer cooling bills are qualified to get $300. But note that assistance for cooling bills is offered to only those families and individuals who have received a disconnection notice. The Senior citizens above the age of 60 are also assisted, provided they have yet not faced a shut off.

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Just like any other assistance program, this one too has a few criteria for eligibility, like the applicants have to meet the income limits placed by Dominion Virginia Power, they have used up all the other air conditioning and cooling bills assistance programs like LIHEAP.

Dominion Power low income assistance programs
Dominion Power low income assistance programs

Under the Energy Share program, qualified customers can get grants to help pay cooling and air conditioning bills from Dominion Virginia Power. Generally, the program helps over 5,000 customers each year. But this summer, they are increasing the size of the program so as to help the citizens of Virginia to help with financial needs pay cooling bills.

The applications for the EnergyShare dominion power low income assistance program start from June 1 and finish till September 28. Note that the assistance through the program is offered on the basis of first-come, first serve. You can contact the number here 1-866-366-4357 to know more about the program.

Fan Care

Another one of the most well-known Dominion Power low income assistance programs is Fan Care. As you can guess by the name already, the program involves providing free fans for needy families. The objective of this program is to offer as many individuals as possible free fans for a comfortable summer experience.

FanCare is a program that works in collaboration with various local human service agencies, community service agencies, and organizations like the Salvation Army. The program is mostly for the senior citizens to make sure that free fans are provided to seniors that live in the Dominion service area.

The Fan Care program works on the mechanism of a first-come, first-serve basis. The program offers at most one fan to each applicant for that cooling season. This program takes place through the end of September as long as the resources and funds are available. The program is funded mostly by businesses and the community.

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It is basically a program born out of Public-Private Partnership and is run by the Virginia Department for the Aging and is sponsored by Dominion. The program is carried out by local Human Services agencies and Community service agencies along with various non-profit organizations.

People who are facing any crisis time or low income families with senior citizens or medical issues can get free fans from Fan Care program.

You can contact the number 1-800-552-3402 to know more about the program, its eligibility criteria, the benefits, deadlines, and more.

Virginia Energy Assistance

Virginia Energy Assistance is basically the local level or state level program equivalent of the LIHEAP (Low income Energy Assistance Program). The program is funded by the government. The applicants who are qualified for the program get financial assistance to pay Dominion Power Utility bills.

The program offers grants to pay Dominion Power bills through the below ways –

  1. Heating and Fuel Assistance – This program helps low income families with heating home costs.
  2. Cooling Bill Assistance – Virginia Energy Assistance program also helps with electric and air conditioning bills. Apart from the bill costs, it also helps people with buying cooling equipment as well as repairing of the same.
  3. Crisis Assistance – As the name suggests, this program helps applicants with crisis assistance for dominion power customers in case of a power shut off or other such crisis.

Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP)

Weatherization is one such procedure that results in energy efficiency and air infiltration. It can certainly help in minimizing the energy bills to a great extent, maybe even hundreds of dollars each year. The best part about the program is that all low income people are qualified for this program.

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Concluding Words

I hope that you have all found the above article on Dominion Power low income assistance programs of use. In case you have any related questions for us or if you have any suggestions that can help others, then feel free to put them in the comment section below. We will be glad to hear from you.

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